Guess the cost, win a prize!

Hello all!

As I begin to build The (not-even-close-to-being)  Complete Des Moines-area Secondhand Store Directory, I’m realizing there is going to be some collateral damage… my pocketbook. Because when I say “Complete”, Miss Literal here really means complete – I plan on having everything you’re going to want to know about every single secondhand store in Des Moines and eventually Iowa, then THE WORLD!

OK, I’m not that ambitious, but the point is, I want it to be comprehensive and thorough. Which means I need to do a lot of research. Which means I have to go to the stores quite a bit. Which means I’m going to be in the lion’s den, surrounded by beautiful clothes.

And there’s an old saying, “If you hang around a barber shop long enough, you’re going to eventually get a haircut.”

So as I said, hanging out in these stores is most likely going to lead to some purchases.

For instance, the first store I’m going to review is Restyle, on Hickman, in Sherwood Forest. Last week I was there 5 or 6 times, taking pictures, video taping, interviewing, studying the brands and prices. And piece by piece, buying stuff.

It started with a White House Black Market polka dot skirt on my first trip, then a necklace on my second, then the shoes…until I finally ended up with this entire outfit:

Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft

White Long-sleeve t-shirt: Mossimo

Skirt: White House Black Market

Shoes: A2 (Aerosoles)

Necklace: not sure of brand, but isn’t it gorgeous??

(My face is red in this picture because now 12-year-old Sophie was making me laugh!)

But is that an awesome outfit or what?  And even though I complained about denting my pocketbook, the best part about this outfit is that the total cost is………………………

Wait! The title of the post is “Guess the cost, win a prize!” So here’s the fun part: I want YOU to guess what you think the total cost for this outfit is, and whoever comes the closest wins this adorable Christmas-tree pin, handmade from paper by my fabulous sister:

You can leave your guess as a comment on this blog, or if you’re reading this via Facebook, you can leave a guess there.

And if you’re a man reading this blog, this pin would be a fabulous Christmas gift for the lady in your life, so please join in on the fun too!

I’m looking for the total price of the five items I mentioned: skirt, sweater, t-shirt, necklace and shoes. Don’t include the tights or undergarments.

This contest will run until 10 pm. Monday night. One guess per person please.

Have fun!!!


15 thoughts on “Guess the cost, win a prize!”

  1. Hi Toni – thanks for guessing, but I feel I must tell you the final cost is a bit more than your guess. In fact, you’re guess is so low I feel I need to give you another chance, so please guess again!!

  2. Hi Shopaholic! It’s Helen In Canada from the You Look Fab forum. Fun contest!

    I love to thrift shop too – looks like you’ve got some great finds there!

    My guess is approximately $65.00!

  3. Cute outfit-
    I do entire outfits from Goodwill all the time but I’m guessing consignment would cost more so I am guessing $43.95.

    Tracina from YLF

  4. I love that skirt; I got my last skirt at goodwill for about $8 (new! with tags! fabulous!) … and I’d have paid $100 for it. But we won’t let them know that 🙂

    I’m guessing uh; $74?

  5. Just found your blog through You Look Fab and I live in Des Moines too! You have got to check out The Classy Closet in Altoona and Beaverdale on Beaver Ave, just south of Douglas. I was searching for a wrap to go with a dress for a wedding. One week to go and totally sick of the mall – to the point of tears anytime I went to the mall! The Beaverdale store brought 3 items from their Altoona store that they thought might work for me, along with earrings and a bracelet just based on the event and color of the dress. I found the perfect wrap along with the earrings I hadn’t even thought about looking for and didn’t have to go back to the mall! HOORAY! I was so excited they probably think I’m crazy.

    1. Oh Linda, thank you so much, I will definitely have to check out the Classy Closet! I live just north of Douglas on Meredith, so it’s almost on my way home!

      Did you see that fashion Junction is closing? 😦

      I’d love to see a photo of you in the outfit, and post on my blog, or on Facebook, if you’re comfortable ( I totally understand if not!)

  6. I just read the review for Restyle. I am definitely stopping there the next time I’m in town. Thanks Brenda, lot of very valuable information!

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