Wait, there’s more!

Hello all! On my last posts, I wrote about the an incredible outfit I found at Restyle Consignment store for only $45.90. Of course, knowing me as well as you do, you probably won’t be surprised when I tell you that I didn’t leave the store that day only spending $45.90 + tax.

The total bill was actually $74.15. You see, I picked up 2 additional items.

First, I found these AWESOME Sofft boots for only $19.99. These boots are in great condition, and they usually cost over $150 bucks!! And I had been looking for quality tall brown boots, because most of my old ones were falling apart. Total awesome score.

And speaking of great boot scores that you can find at Restyle, I have updated The Complete Des Moines-area Secondhand Store Directory with review of their shoe selection. Click here to read about other available brands you can find there.

Now back to my total purchase that day.  The Ann Taylor Loft sweater I wore with that $45.90 outfit wasn’t my first choice that day.

I had originally found a Talbots black sweater jacket (also for $16.99) and was good to go. But then I tried on the Ann Taylor one, just for kicks, a woman in the store noticed it and told me how great it looked. So I had no choice but to get the AT one. As I have always said, when I’m shopping, anytime I receive an unsolicited compliment from a complete stranger when I’m trying something on completely takes away any choice as to whether or not I’m going to purchase that item. It’s a done deal. Sold.

Does the fact that I ALWAYS leave the dressing room when I’m trying something on, and prance around the store, hoping to get feedback from complete strangers constitute the compliment as being “unsolicited”?

Well, it does in my book.

But back to the outfit.  So I knew I had to get the Ann Taylor one, but I still loved the Talbot’s one.  What’s a shopaholic to do when she’s found two cute jackets for the same price and can’t decide which to get?

OK, no more rhetorical questions. You know the answer.

So let me ask you something that’s not rhetorical – here are the two outfits – which do you like better?

Ann Taylor Loft tied sweater ($16.99)
Talbots sweater jacket

4 thoughts on “Wait, there’s more!”

  1. I don’t like either one but if I had to pick it would be #1. Too much black. You need to throw in some color …like red or something. The jacket or top part needs to be more slimming. I like the skirt.

  2. I think if you changed the solid black tights to something like micro fishnets it would really lighten up the outfit. Since the skirt is quite long on you I think you need to show a bit more skin at the ankle. I don’t have all this midi stuff figured out but it seems when the skirts are longer the shoes and hose need to be more delicate. The ankles and shoes become a focal point where a bit of, dare I say, alluring appeal, is showcased.

    1. Also up top I think the sweaters are too long for a skirt and would be better over pants. Angie pointed this out on her blog a long time ago and it struck me how a simple thing like that could make such a difference. Tops over skirts should hit at or around the hip bones. Tops over pants should hit lower if I am remembering it correctly. I don’t want to paraphrase Angie so you might search Angie’s site to research. You’re looking great and have a great figure to dress.

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