Good-bye old friend…

I was very saddened to learn that one of my favorite consignment stores, Fashion Junction in Beaverdale is closing. This statement is on their website:

Fashion Junction Clothing and Interiors will be closing on December 31, 2011.  I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for a terrific 20 years.

After my mother’s untimely and unimaginable death this year, I have decided I need to spend more time with my family.  Thus, I felt it was necessary to close one of my operations. “

My heart goes out to the owner, and Des Moines is losing a first-class consignment store. If I said that 30% of my current wardrobe came fromt Fashion Junction, I probably wouldn’t be exaggerating.

I suppose if there were a bright spot to this loss, it’s that a large amount of the current inventory is 35 – 50% off.  I stopped in the other night and found this Kenneth Cole skirt and top set for 1/2 off for $10:

OK, it’s not the best ensemble that I’ve thrown together, I know.  It’s sleeveless, so I had to wear something over it. I found this shrug at Target for $20, and absolutely love it. And check out the shoes: Madden Girl at Famous Footwear for $27. I had to replace the “nun shoes” with something, and these seem to be a bit more current, don’t you think?

As for the Kenneth Cole ensemble, I love the print, but I’m hesitant about the length. Any suggestions?

Enough of me – this post was really one meant to pay homage to the exit of what feels to me like a dear friend. Good-bye, Fashion Junction. You may be gone, but your memory will always live on in my closet.

I mean that about “always”, because I rarely throw clothes out!

If your in Des Moines, please do me a favor and stop into FJ to make a farewell purchase. Think of it as buying a piece of Beaverdale history.

Geez, the things I come up with to justify shopping!


8 thoughts on “Good-bye old friend…”

    1. Laurie – I just looked up “enigma” and it says: “e·nig·ma/iˈnigmə/ Noun: A person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand.” I can’t decide if this is a compliment or not? What’s so hard to understand about me?

  1. Nice but I think hemming the skirt to the most narrow part of you leg would make it better.
    How did the big closet clean out work itself out? Was it a success? I enjoyed your posts on that.

  2. Thanks San – I think that’s a great suggestion!
    The clean-out went really well – all my clothes fit into my new home, and I really don’t miss many of the clothes I got rid of. I feel lean and mean when it comes to my clothes inventory, which is actually kind of freeing!

  3. That’s cool and I’m happy it worked out so well for you and I bet you’re happy to have all that work done and behind you.
    This Kenneth Cole outfit is pretty and I like the new shoes with it. I think a cropped jacket would look good. You called this sweater a shrug but I thought a shrug was a very, very short sweater, like just covering the shoulders and ending right under the armpits. I think shortening the hem on the skirt to the smallest point of your pretty legs and adding a cheeky cropped jacket might look good. Not that I’m an expert by any means. Just a thought. A cropped denim or moto jacket, or something like that might add a fun edge. You have a young stylist daughter living there with you now right? I’m sure she is alot of help.

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