About Me

My situation:

My name is Brenda and I am a shopaholic.  Unfortunately, while I love nice clothes, I have a limited income.

Fortunately, there is a solution:  secondhand stores.  Unfortunately, as a shopaholic, this means I still overspend and buy more than I need.  I just end up with alot more clothes for alot less money.

I  should consider myself smart and practical, because I buy nice things for an incredibly low price, right?  Well you see, there is this quantity issue that pushes me into “addiction” category.  I tend to buy more things than I need, just because the price is so good.  I also really, really love clothes, more so than I think is normal.

Let me give you some examples to demonstrate my symptoms, and you can decide how serious this is:

Symptoms of a Shopaholic

1.  I own more than 15 pairs of black pants.

2.  Ditto with jeans.

3.  I have a section in the front of my closet with my valuables to  be saved, in case of a fire.  “Valuables” being 10 pieces of clothing I could not live without. As for my other valuables,  I would need a step ladder to reach my photo albums, and I have no idea where I keep all those personal, important papers I’m supposed to save.

4.  When I’m considering a purchase, instead of asking myself “Can I afford this” or “Do I really need this?”, I first ask myself “Do I have any room left in my closet to put this?”

5.  For me, Label trumps Logic nearly every time.  What this means is, although I do own 15 pairs of black pants, if I were to come across a pair of Tahari black pants at an outrageously low price, I  would buy them.  Logically, I don’t need them.  In a shopaholic’s brain,  label trumps logic.

6.  I have a section in my closet where I store items I have not worn yet.  At this time of writing, it contains 43 pieces.

7.  I start to panic when I enter a clothing store and someone is in front of me.  I just know they are going to buy something that I want before I do.  I haven’t physically knocked anyone over yet,   but I’ve wanted to.

For me, these are the symptoms of a shopaholic.  They say admitting it is half the problem.  I’m not so sure.

I am a functioning shopaholic

I consider myself a ‘functioning’ shopaholic because I no longer use credit cards, I pay my  bills on time, and I do manage to save some money at the end of the month.  I have personal, financial goals that  I do a pretty good job of adhering to (usually).  I just choose to spend less money in some areas (food, entertainment, hi-tech electronics), so I can spend more money on clothes.  I really, really love clothes.

Why I’m writing this blog

The purpose of this blog is to share with you my daily struggles of obsessing, rationalizing and justifying my shopping habit.  Whether or not you will be entertained or horrified, I don’t know.  But possibly, you might be comforted in knowing that you too, have felt this way, and you’re not alone.  No, you’re not alone, you’re a shopaholic, just like me!