Inspiration Calendar – Floral and Denim

Hello!!  I’m back!!

Here’s an outfit I wore last week that screams summer, however it was a cold and chilly day.  In May.  So not fair!

Price Breakdown:

Jacket:  Haute Monde $50 (Limerglam Boutique Valley Junction)

Dress:  Karen Kane $5.89 (Goodwill)

Shoes:  Steve Madden $14.99 (DSW end of season sale)

Large White bead necklace:  $9.99 (Younkers)

Total Cost: $80.87

Like I said, this would have been a great outfit if the weather would have cooperated.

And I want learn how to sew.

Here’s the problem – although it’s a cute outfit (in my opinion), it would be so much better if it were about 2 1/2 to 3 inches shorter.  Take a look:

But it might cost $10 – $20 to get this dress altered to fit perfectly.  In case you haven’t noticed, I hate spending a lot of money on clothes. So I need to learn to sew.

Days 27 and 28: The Grand Finale!

Hello and welcome to the final days of 28/28/28! It’s been an incredible journey in so many ways and I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned.  Well, I can’t tell you right now, anyways, but don’t worry – I’ll have a wrap-up post to summarize the whole exciting experience.

But let’s get to these dresses. Here’s one wardrobe essential I’ve appropriately saved for the very end – the LBD (Little Black Dress) or evening wear.  Just like the  Quintessential Dress, since you don’t wear evening dresses more than a couple times a year, it just doesn’t make sense to spend alot of money on them.  If you’re patient, you can find these little treasures in secondhand stores, and spend all the money you saved on cute strappy shoes.

But since I’m on a budget, I’m wearing these dresses with some bargain shoes I’ve found.

And as a bonus, because I couldn’t decide, you get three dresses for the last two days.  And guess what?  I have a wedding to go to in April – and I’d like you to help me decide which dress to wear!!

Here they are, and isn’t it incredible that these fabulous dresses cost less than $10?

So which should I wear to my friend’s wedding??

Price Breakdown:

Dress 1:

Dress – Scott McClintock $6.25 (Bargain Basket)

Shoes – Bandolino $3.39

Total Cost: $9.64

Dress 2:

Dress – Donna Morgan $5.89 (Goodwill)

Shoes:  Unisa $12.99 (bought new at DSW)

Total Cost:  $18.88

Dress 3:

Dress – Banana Republic $5.59 (Goodwill)

Shoes – Valerie Stevens $5.00 (Consignment Store)

Total Cost:  $10.59

Well, that’s my Grand Finale for 28/28/28 – and I am going to take a few days to collect my thoughts, insight, and reflections and give a nice ending summary.

I’d like to write more, but my internet connection has been shotty ALL NIGHT LONG so I’m going to push PUBLISH  right now before I throw this stupid laptop out the window!!!  Has anyone ever felt like that before???

Day 26: Gray dress – you make the call!!

Here’s a new twist –  I haven’t worn this dress yet.  I can’t decide which is the best look, so I’m asking for your input (I’ll list the price breakdown for each outfit at the end):
Option 1: With coral half-cardigan – but I wouldn’t be able to wear those slouchy black boots, because that would put me above $28.  So I would wear it with tall boots – black or brown.

Option 2: With a brown leather “moto”  jacket.  A moto jacket, according to You Look Fab, is a wardrobe must.  I am wearing my brown equestrian-style brown boots, textured gray tights, and the pink scarf.

When I see this picture, I am re-thinking the bulky pink scarf – or maybe I can refer to the scarf-tying tutorial and make it work.  Or less-bulky scarf? Statement necklace? What do you think?

Option 3 – This might be my favorite. The cardigan has brown trim – it’s part of a two-piece  Doncaster sweater set, and I just purchased it from Bargain Basket a couple of days ago when I stumbled into the 75% off sale.

I didn’t put a belt around the cardigan because the dress has a thin string belt.  Do I take the thin belt off the dress and put a brown one around the cardigan?

I’m going to use the poll, or please just leave a comment with your suggestions.  As I wrote about in Finally, a scarf! – I listen to your advice (at least sometimes!)

Price Breadown for each:

The dress is Banana Republic, $14 from Bargain Basket

Option 1:

Coral Cardigan:  Ann Taylor $3.89

Boots:  If black boots:  $9.99, if brown boots:  $6.59

Total Cost:  Black boots – $27.88 or brown boots:  $24.48

Option 2:

Brown moto leather jacket: Gallery $4.69 (this was a great deal!)

Brown boots:  $6.59

Total Cost:  $25.28

Option 3:

Pink Doncaster Cardigan:  $6.25

Brown boots:  Liz  Claiborne $6.59

Total Cost: $26.84

Let me know what you think!!

PS – I realize that I’m a few days behind, and I hope this hasn’t discredited me!  I mean, someone could argue that it was 28 outfits for the 28 days of February and a couple of days of March……but surely no one would point that out, would they?

Day 25 – Finally, a scarf!

I am not a huge accessorizer. Which is sad, because I love accessories on other people.  I know that a nice statement necklace, a scarf, or pretty earrings can pull an outfit together yet I neglect to go that extra mile.

It’s something I hope continuous feedback from all of you will help me with.

I mean, it was less than a month ago that I admitted I was a beltaphobe, and here I am a converted beltaholic. So if anything, I am teachable.

Let’s take scarves, for instance. Just a nice little suggestion of a scarf from Rena on my boyfriend jacket/teal tunic outfit led me to try one out on this outfit:

Price Breakdown:

Jacket:  Petite Sophisticates $4.69

Teal Tunic #2 :  Apt. 9 $2.29 – I had so many compliments on my Ann Taylor tunic, I had to ride the momentum and try out my other one!  I’m shameless, aren’t I?

Jeans:  Apt. 9 $4.59 – check out the length on the jeans – how do you like me now, whaat! (My boyfriend’s 10-year-old daughter Sophie helped me get that phrase just right, including the spelling!)

Boots:  Transit $6.59

Total Cost:  $18.16

Sophie also voted this as my best outfit yet.  She’s one of my top fashion advisers.

As I mentioned above, aside from Sophie’s input, this outfit is the result of listening to suggestions and learning from other blogs.

I bought this Petite Sophisticates jacket months before I started this blog.  I absolutely loved it, but it sat in my closet because I had no idea how to wear it.  I kept searching for the perfect brown skirt or pants to go with it, I considered wearing it with black or tan, but nothing seemed to work.

So when I started writing this blog and reading about how other people wear short jackets, I finally found the answer with a pair of jeans and a tunic.  Then Rena suggested a scarf with I wore my other tunic, and here I am, looking very fashionable to a 10-year-old.  Are there any adults out there that agree this works?

A couple more things about scarves – for March, I am planning on using the Inspirational Calendar for my daily looks, and 3 of the days have scarves as part of the ensemble.  So I know I will wear a scarf at least 3 times in March.  That’s more than I did in February, right?

And finally, have you seen this excellent scarf-tying tutorial? I probably should have used the second method for my scarf above, don’t you think?   I think I’ll ask Sophie….

(By the way, she likes it the way I did it!)

Day 23: Just don’t walk…

Sorry – I got so excited about my polka-dotted dress(es) that I posted Day 24 before Day 23…..

I got my inspiration for this outfit from a woman I saw walk by me on the skywalk.  She was wearing a red sweater, black belt, gray skirt and black boots, just like I am here.  I thought to myself – what I great look!  I can do that!

Then, when two people commented that they liked the style of the red sweater on Will the Real Expensive Sweater Please Stand Up? , I knew what I had to do.

Price Breakdown:

Sweater:  Relativity $3.89

Belt:  Banana Republic $1.59

Skirt:  Charter Club $12.99 (Fashion Junction)

Boots:   Unknown $9.99

Total Cost:  $25.28

A note about the skirt…….I bought this on Get Shorty:  The Final Chapter, and I thought I loved the spandex element to it.  By the end of the day, I was cursing it!

It might not have been the spandex – maybe it was because I was wearing textured tights – but this darn thing crept up on me in the front with every step!!

Unless someone can give me a solution – perhaps a slip?  – this skirt is not staying around long.

Note to self – walk around the store a few laps before you purchase anything…..

Day 24: Polka dots!!

This outfit was inspired by my friend Laura.  We were out for lunch the other day, and she ran up to me grabbing the skirt of the black and white flowered summer dress she was wearing, topped with a nice black cardigan, shouting “Look!  I bought this at Goodwill the other day!!”  She was so proud, and she looked great.  I thought to myself, “Hmmm….I can do that!”

Price Breakdown:

Dress:  Positive Attitude $5.89

Jacket:  Apt. 9 $6.00 (Fashion Junction)

Boots:  Unknown $9.99

Total Cost:  $21.88

I LOVE this look!

OK, not so sure about if boots were the right choice here.   I just automatically reach for boots when there is 6 – 10 inches of snow on the ground.  Sometimes, when I have the foresight, I wear my Uggs to work, then change into my strappy Ellen Tracy sling backs, but I wanted to emphasize how you can take a summer style dress and winterize it, so I stuck with the boots.  What do you think?

I also wanted to show you how great the dress is on it’s own – I can see myself wearing this to a wedding or semi-formal dinner engagement.  Ignore the boots and imagine it with a nice pair of strappy sandals.  Don’t you love polka-dots?

Speaking of polka-dotted summer dresses, I found the HOLY GRAIL of summer polka-dotted dresses!  Can anyone tell me where you’ve seen it before ?  Here’s a hint:

Day 20 – Comfort Clothes

I don’t care.  I like long skirts.

Price Breakdown:

Sweater:  Christopher & Banks $3.89

Sleeveless Turtleneck:  White House Black Market $2.29

Skirt:  Christopher & Banks $3.39

Boots:  Nine West (Plato’s Closet) $18

Total Cost:  $27.57

OK, I need to explain.   There’s a history with me and long skirts.  When I first started writing this blog in November, and taking pictures of what I wore everyday, I realized that I wore alot of long skirts.  And I own 38 of them.

You can read about it here:   Long skirts – Friend or Foe?

What happened is, I asked the You Look Fab community how I looked in long skirts, I was kindly, yet firmly, informed that unless I am 6′ tall, and svelte, I could not pull off wearing a long skirt.

I was heart-broken, but I managed to ease away from them, and I started wearing short skirts during the winter.

But it still feels wrong sometimes.  I love my long skirts.  So I snuck one in on Day 20.  I’m not reporting this to YLF.

This calls for a poll, don’t you think?