The Dress Diaries Slideshow

Hello!  In the summer of 2010, I became obsessed with buying dresses.  Fortunately, as a secondhand shopaholic, my addiction didn’t send me into bankruptcy or shame.

Total Cost of 13 Dresses: $91.89 ($7.07 each)

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Read my Diary entries below:

The Dress Diaries – Part One

The Dress Diaries – Part Two

The Dress Diaries – Part Three

The Dress Diaries – Part Four

The Dress Diaries – the Final Chapter



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  3. […] said in a previous post, I have been following the Inspiration Calendar, even when I was writing the Dress Diaries.  So these outfits are actually from late May, early June.  Watch how much tanner I get as the […]

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  5. i love your site! I am also a total second hand shopaholic! good luck and happy huntings!

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